Thursday, May 17, 2012

What has happened on the last three work weekends

We moved things to Great Gull Island from Connecticut April 26 and on April 4 brought gear from New York to the island.  The weekend of April 4 we had a south wind. dense fog and a large fall out of birds, identifying  76 species, see Joe’s list.  Having received funding dedicated to building two blinds, Bob Kane framed the blinds April 26 and completed them April 11 with help from those pictured below.  He put them in place using the tractor and we plan to build more as funding comes in this fall.

By May 4 there were 5,000 terns in (none in the last time we were on the island April 30) By May 11 there were scrapes and the birds were settling all over the island.  It is possible we will find eggs May 18.  On May 11 we finished fencing one of the gun emplacements so terns wouldn’t fall off when check during the season went through.

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