Thursday, May 24, 2012

On May 18 Hays met Lottie Prushinski and her grand kids: Evan Bender, Glen Prushinski and Ryan Prushinski to go to Great Gull Island for the weekend.  While carrying gear from the boat to the headquarters building Hays and Evan found a nest with an egg in it near the dock at about 4:30 in the afternoon. Evan showed his cousins the nest about five minutes later and there were two eggs in it. This nest should hatch June 8 and is probably one of, if not the first nest that will hatch on Great Gull Island this year.

Lottie brought all the food for meals and cooked up a storm. On Saturday before checking the island for eggs Lottie and the boys worked on repairing the fencing around the big gun emplacement at the eastern end of the island.  After lunch Evan dissected some owl pellets found the preceding weekend on the floor of one of the blinds.  He mentioned that he found two vole skulls in most of the pellets.  A Snowy Owls often winters on Great Gull Island and devours the voles. Glen watched for birds at a look out outside the headquarters building after lunch.  We all checked the island for nests later in the afternoon and in the two days found about 62 nests.

On Sunday Lottie and the boys finished repairing the fencing around the big gun and Captain Bob Wadsworth picked us up to return to the mainland at about 12:30.

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