Friday, January 4, 2013

We send our condolences and sympathy to Malcolm Coulter’s family. Malcolm, who spent several summers on Great Gull Island, died at his home in New Hampshire on January 2, 2013.

               Malcolm Coulter "Last testament", December 9, 2012

LIFE is the most wonderful thing in this world:  the most precious for people, pets, plants and for all.  If it weren’t for LIFE, none of us would exist.
I have been blest with the most wonderful life: the greatest, most caring and loving friends (and I hope I have been the same in return); the opportunity to work around the world; and, I hope to make some difference, in caring and for conservation and for the many people I tried to contribute to.
            I wish to especially thank the Millers for their support over so many years.  Kent, Kay and Peter have supported me through health issues and have been so very supportive.  Talby and Theo Page saved my life when I went into a coma by sending me to the hospital quickly.
There are four or more aspects of our lives that are most important:
            Honesty, Loving, Caring, Humor, . . .
            THERE ARE SO MANY WHO HAVE HELPED ME AND WHOM I CARE ABOUT:  Point Reyes Bird Observatory (The Farallon Islands: birds and plants; David Ainley); Bob Risebrough and the Antarctic; Pacific Seabird Group (Craig Harrison, Mark Rauzon, Dan Anderson, Lora Leschner, George Divoky, Pat Baird); Oxford (Chris Perrins, Martin Garnett; the footballs); Bob Ricklefs in my graduate career; Helen Hays at the American Museum of Natural History (Joe and Anne DiCostanzo; John Farrand, Ivy Kuspit and certainly Matthew Male) (Culver Williams and Fred); Marsha Sitnik and the Galapagos (David Duffy, Felipe Cruz, Linda Germany); Singapore (Polly & Peng); SREL stork project (Larry Brian, John Ogden, Jim Rodgers, and the precious stork crews); IUCN stork, ibis and spoonbill conservation (Wim van den Bossche); Xian (Oriental Crested Ibis: Xi Yongmei); Saint Catherine’s Island (Royce Hayes); Africa (Nathan and Cecilia Gichuki; Emil and Lois Urban); India (Asad Rhamani, Salim, Farrah, Mahesh, Hillol, Sunita and, of course, Prasanta, Malabika); ICF (George and Kyoko Archibald, Jim Harris, Su Liying, Steve) - but I should list the entire staff, especially Jeb, Claire, Betsy); China (Wang Qishan, Cao Lei, He Fengi); Thailand (Pilai Poonswad, Bubphar Amget); Taiwan; UC, Berkeley (SAVE) (Randy Hester, Marcia McNally, John Liu); Cambodia (WCS); Korea (Kim Souil, Sunyoung, Kyungwon); and my most caring group in Chocorua, NH (Gail, Garry, Deborah); as well my doctors (Rose, Goldenhar, and others).  Steve Hewes who has saved my computer so many times!!  My best neighbors, Alice Walylett as well as Barbara Lloyd.  And of course, not to forget so many others who are so dear!  Especially, Sylvia Blankenship who has been so nurturing, with very special feelings.  And so many others (individuals too many to mention but each but each so important) … I love you all !  And White Dog, my 17-year companion !!
            And my family: Jean, Dave, Holley, Douglas, Lena, Eliot, Holley, Douglas!
            It’s not what individuals can do but what we can all do together!


  1. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. I am so sorry to hear about your loss and I would like to offer you my condolences. I can understand your frustrations and pains in your heart with this world and why we should have hope because I used to feel the same way. But keep in mind that God is always there to keep us going and He will never leave us especially in times like this.

  2. My father James Moneymaker was telling me about how he used to have a best friend whose name was Malcolm Coulter and I was wondering if this might be him? He told me he thinks Malcolm lives in New Hampshire

  3. I was just given this news by an AMNH and GGI "old" friend. I wish I had heard this earlier in the year but it is no less of a shock now. I have fond remembrances of Malcolm: times spent on Great Gull when he named a plant after me (Bloomfieldia susanii) when I just couldn't identify Arabis lyrata, when regaled me with kooky stories and recollections... I can hear his laugh now. I enjoyed visiting him in Georgia when he was studying off the coast. I still have his recipe for 'moon crater cake," which he made for me there. Guess I'll make it now as a memorial. Please include me in any mailing that goes out regarding a service. Oh boy; I'll miss him. My heartfelt condolences to his family. I did meet Jean long ago and have a little book of his sister Holley's drawings...

    Susan A Bloomfield; Kennebunk Maine
    (AMNH/GGI Volunteer circa 1978-9)